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DC Coaters is pleased to announce that the Quality Management Standards of DC Coaters have been certified to conform to ISO 9001:2008 by Det Norske Veritas of Houston, Texas.  DC Coaters specializes in black epoxy electro-coating for small and large industries, including automotive.

Since its formation in 1993, DC Coaters has painted more than 250 million parts with a current annual running rate in excess of 35 million parts.  DC Coaters is considered by many as Indiana’s leading epoxy electro-coater/  DC Coaters services nearly all of the major automotive manufacturers and ships directly to such tier two suppliers as Delphi Automotive Systems.  The DC Coaters organization takes pride in its Lot Control Systems, Lean Manufacturing Techniques and Process Control Recipes that contribute to its best overall price, best delivery, best responsiveness and best quality, which meets DCC requirements of best in class quality and its goal of zero parts per million.

We invite you to visit our plant and encourage you to contact us at the number below.

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