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How to contact DC Coaters

Main Phone Line – 765.675.6006

Name Title Responsibilities Extension Direct Line Cell Phone E-mail
Steve Gill Chief Executive Officer All Business & Financial Operations   Offsite Office 765-860-6234 e-mail
Dennis Cook President/Founder – Estimating Estimating – SEND QUOTES TO HIM! 7 765-675-0522 765-438-1980 e-mail
Linda Gill Vice President Vice President  2 765-675-0521 765-860-2648 e-mail
Bob Johnson Plant Manager Plant Mgr. and Production Scheduling Issues 1 765-675-0536 574-849-1423 e-mail
Terry Beane Scheduling Production Assistant – Scheduling Production Line    765-675-0520 574-347-1272 e-mail
Dena Schmitt Accounting Office Manager Office/Accounting Operations 5 765-675-0523 765-860-0407 e-mail
Kay Alexander Office Assistant Office Assistant – HR Type Role     765-551-2963 e-mail
Randy Sottong Maintenance Facilities Manager Equipment, Building & Rack Build Operations 6 765-675-0525 765-480-7332 e-mail
Dick Hershey Rack – Maintenance Maintenance Helper     765-557-4423 e-mail
Michael Sanchez S/R & Inventory Control S/R and Inventory Operations 3 765-675-0526 765-210-4342 e-mail
Paul Brewer QC & Lean Manufacturing Manager Quality Issues 8D – 5Why and Lean Mfg Processes 4 765-675-0535 574-398-1412 e-mail
Lawanna Davis  QC Tech & APQP Specialist Assists QC and follows new part orders – advance planning     765-860-3099  e-mail
Robert Snead Laboratory & IT Technology E-coat Line Operator and Technology     765-271-8511 e-mail
Jason King Supervision 1st Shift Load Supervisor     765-480-5357 e-mail
Jeremy Sanders Supervision 1st Shift Unload Supervisor     765-393-6395 e-mail
Andy Godbey Supervision 2nd Shift Load Supervisor     317-385-3679 e-mail
Absenteeism Employee Absenteeism Employees use this to call in an absence – leave message 9 765-675-0524    

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