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How to contact DC Coaters

Main Phone Line – 765.675.6006

Position Name Email Responsibilities Ext Direct Line Cell Phone
Plant Manager Lawanna Davis ldavis@dccoaters.com Plant Mgr and Production Scheduling Issues 1 765-675-0536 765-867-3099
President Linda Gill lgill@dccoaters.com Plant & Business Operations, Board of Directors 2 765-675-0521 765-860-2648
S/R & Inventory Control Michael Sanchez msanchez@dccoaters.com S/R and Inventory Operations. 3 765-675-0526 765-210-4342
Accounting Office Manager Dena Schmitt dschmitt@dccoaters.com Office/Accounting Operations 4 765-675-0535 765-860-0407
Office Assistant Cindy Weddell cweddell@dccoaters.com Office Assistant – HR Type Role 5 765-675-0523 765-620-6987
Estimating & Maint. Facilities Mgr Randy Sottong rsottong@dccoaters.com SEND ALL RFQ HERE!!! Equipt, Building, & Rack Build Operations 6 765-675-0525 765-480-7332
Laboratory & IT Technology Robert Snead rsnead@dccoaters.com E-coat Line Operator and Technology 7 765-675-0522 765-271-8511
Production Scheduling -Customer Service Jason King jking@dccoaters.com Scheduling 8 765-675-0520 765-480-5357
Employee Absenteeisam Absenteeism 1stLoadCallIn@dccoaters.com Employees use to call in an absence – leave message 9 675-675-0524  
QC & Lean Mfg Manager Ashlee Swing aswing@dccoaters.com Quality Issues 8D – 5Why and Lean Mfg Processes     765-278-9261
QC Tech Lindsey Bell lbell@dccoaters.com QC Assist Tech, Work Instructions     765-553-2419
Rack – Maintenance Chris Sterling csterling@dccoaters.com Maintenance Helper     765-808-5695
Supervision Jerrod Landis jlandis@dccoaters.com 1st Shift Load Supervisor     765-425-4539
Supervision Erica Reynolds ereynolds@dccoaters.com 1st Shift Unload Supervisor     765-434-6657
Assembly Lead Kaylee Neese kneese@dccoaters.com Verifies schedules & productivity with operators and management     765-508-1745
Supervision Jessica McKane jdunlap@dccoaters.com 2nd Shift Unload Supervisor     765-434-4566
Supervision Pierre Malone pmalone@dccoaters.com 2nd Shift Load Supervisor     765-865-1114
S/R & Inventory Control Clerk Andrew VanHorn avanhorn@dccoaters.com Orientation & Supporting Production Role     765-553-0463
Production Assist Trisha Nantroup tnantroup@dccoaters.com Supporting Production Role     765-319-9233

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